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Related article: Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2005 18:10:42 -0800 (PST) From: jeff stapleton Subject: Weekend with Brother Richard; Adventures at Hamilton U 2 Adventures at Hamilton U part 2 by M.J.Blackheart *** The flashing red and blue light flashed in my rear veiw mirror and the siron sounded several times as I pulled to the side of Elm St. "FUCK!" I mumbled under my breath as I hit the stearing wheel and pulled to the side. The black and white Crown Victoria with the Spring Haven PD logo on the side and the number 2 stenciled on the blue plate, pulled in behind me. It's lights whired around. As I leaned over to search through my glove compartment for my licents and registration I didn't see the officer exit the car, and as I sat up and glanced in my mirror again I heard his voice at my left. "Hey there sexy, long time no see." The colour drained from my face for a moment and then I blushed a deep crimson as I turned my head and saw William D. Etgens standing there at my open window, dressed in a Spring Haven PD kaki police uniform, badge and gun included. William was about 6ft tall, short cropped sandy hair that fell loose over his clear pale forehead if he wasn't wearing a hat. His blue eyes sparked and his pouty lips almosty always smiling to reveil a set of perfect teeth. He weighed about 175 if that and was for his hight rail thin. His body under his clothes I knew from personal experiance to be tight and lean and he had a nice 8 inch, thick, cut peice of man meat that could please anyone who was into cock, be it man or woman. I continued to blush, "Umm.. Hello Officer." I started to hand him my information, but he waved his hand at me dismissively. "Yeah, you were going a little fast sweety, but I ain't going to bust you for that. I recognized you and wanted to say hi, maybe set up a time to play, as I haven't seen you at the INN lately." He was smiling as he leaned in against my car, his arms crossed and resting on my window slot, and I wished I could be outside to get a good look at his ass, that must be bulging to rip the tight pants. I tossed my info on the passangers seat. "Um, well I was pretty busy getting ready for school to start. You know I was going to start at Hamilton this year." I smiled, my face only inches from his, and I wanted to kiss him, but I didn't know who was out on the street and I didn't want to ruin his rep in this conservative berg. "Yeah I remember you saying something like that after you fucked me and Stacy that first night at the INN. You know Stace has talked about that night alot the last few weeks and I think she wants a repeat show." Stacy Parker was Will's fiancee, HOT. She was 5ft10 lean and tight like him. She had a perfect curve to the hip and 36C breasts. Long blond hair and blue eyes. A creamy complextion and a shaved pink cunt. I got stiffer then I had been thinking of how her pussy felt around my cock. "So I was wondering," He went on. "If your free I'm off in about an hour. Just got to pop in the station turn in a couple bits of paperwork and then I'll be going home. Meet me there and we can have some fun." He smiled big and my cock pulsed to see it, but I had to frown. "Sorry Will, but I got to get to the University." I looked at the clock on my radio. "I'm already going to be about five mins late for orientation as it is." I sounded so sad and he frowned too. "OHHH to bad." Then he smiled. "Well I'll be home all Preteen Nymphets Galleries afternoon, and later we'll be at the INN, I live around the corner from here at 525 Oak street if you ever want to stop in." He leaned in and kissed me breifly, and though I kissed him back I was shocked that he would be so bold in public in his possition, though I thought it was HOT. "I'll do that. I don't know how long this is going to take, but I'll sure take you up on the offer, my cock is fucking ready to bust." I was again blushing and smiling my devilish grin. My pants had a tent in them and he reached over to pat me there. "I see that, and I'll be waiting." He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as he pulled out my window. "Before 6 we'll be home, before 4 i'll be by myself. after 6 we'll be at the INN." He said as he started to take a few steps back, and then waved. With that he turned on a polished boot heal and headed to his cruisor. I watched his ass in my mirror till he opened the door, and GOD did I want to pork it, almost as much as I wanted Rob's ass. I sat there for a second, the cruisor pulled away and around me, and zoomed off toward the square. But I sat there as another car went by thinking of the possible fun I would have after orientation, and of the first time we had had fun together, long before I knew he was a cop. Hell today was the first day I knew he was a cop, and had I known before I might have asked him to wear his uniform for me in the bedroom. I smiled to myself and turned up the radio as Gavin DeGraw came on, and then put my foot into the peddle again so as not to be any later then I was going to be. As I drove I thought about that first time. *** We, Rob, Mellany, and I had been in Spring Haven only about a week. Mel had been super upset that I was staying with them as on that first night in the new house she had walked in on Rob and I alone in the bathroom, nothing going on. I was in the shower and Rob was taking a shit, not that I hadn't checked out his package when he dropped his drawers. Mel had gone balistic that we where alone like that, (That would happen a lot her having a fit like that within the first couple weeks, but eventually when nothing did happen between Rob and I she did calm down.). After I got out of the shower and dressed I decided to go out to give Rob and Mel time alone. That was something I did a lot in those first few weeks. So dressed in a blue cotton sleaveless T with a long sleaved white button down shirt open in the front, a pair of tight jeans and sneakers I went out. Now Spring Haven only has two late night drinking establishements and niether one I would call a pick up bar or any bar for that matter. The William Penn was on the square and was more of a late night super club. The Black Lion was close to the University, but was more of a English style pub with whole families having dinner, some drinking at the bar, and there was a lot of younger people there, but all had dates or where in a group. Pluss these two places wouldn't serve me alcoholic beverages as after all I was only eighteen. I had however heard from on of the younger guys that was under me at Mickie D's about a place about twenty miles away. The Kingsford Taven and Inn was in a very small berg even smaller then Spring Haven down the highway. The town was called Kingsford and other then a few strung out houses consisted of only a general store, post office, municipal building, a bank, a feed store, one small Mill of some kind and then the INN. I opted and went to the INN and got lucky. The INN bar tender never carded me when I asked for a beer, just gave me a Bud light Preteen Nymphets Galleries as I asked and told me to have fun. So as I sat there sipping beers, listening to a combo of music from AC/DC to Garth Brooks on the juke box I was checking out a lot of people, guy and girls some older, some my age, all seeming to want nothing more then to have a good time. Me I just wanted to loose myself for a while, drag myself back to Rob and Mel's and crash in a stupper. I was there for about two hours. I had danced with a couple of girls, all tease, and was about to go after about ten beers, though I knew I was a little drunk and shouldn't, when a guy I had been checking out all night came up, leaned on the bar and ordered two beers. By this point as I said I was drunk and was very obviously checking out the guys ass. I had noticed earlier that his tight jeans squeezed a tight ass and large frontal bulge very early that evening. He wore a pair of cowboy boots and a very tight black silk shirt and black stetson hat, very much the cowboy want-a-be type, but he was HOT, and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. "Problem?" He asked as I sipped my last beer and was scanning him. He turned to look right at me when the bar tender handed him two bottles of suds and was doing so when he spoke. "I...UMMM." My tongue tied in my mouth, and for me that was rair. "Don't deny it. You were checking me out all night. I saw it, my girl saw it." He looked over my shoulder and there was a blond about ten feet away at a table in a tight red silk spagetti strap dress, and she waved our way. She was one of the two that I had danced with. "I, well, I was checking her out, and well I did look you Preteen Nymphets Galleries up and down to see what you had that I didn't." God I was a bad liar and I blushed the whole time. Plus I was even more scared that this guy was going to pound me since I admitted to checking his girl out with obvious interest. "I see." He said with a smile, and then I noticed his eyes flick up and down my body. "From what I can see though I don't have anything that you don't." He then looked strait at my crotch, and I noticed that my cock was as hard as it could get in my jeans making an obvious bulge. "Plus from what I can't see so I've been Preteen Nymphets Galleries informed. Stace, my girl told me you had a nice peice of meat packed in those jeans." And he smiled an even bigger grin, a little crooked, full of mischief. I recalled then that when I had been dancing with his girl she had felt me up, and I had been hard at the time. I was shocked now as he revieled that he knew about his girl's indiscretion and didn't seem a bit jelious about it. I didn't know what to say, so I didn't Preteen Nymphets Galleries say anything, just blushed, smiled back and took a sip of my beer. He just leaned there against the bar. "You want to join us over at our table. Get to know eachother a little better?" He asked with a dreamy look in his eyes. "Um... Well sure, if you don't mind me being a third wheel. I don't know anyone in the area having just moved here." I said and finished the rest of my beer as I stood. I was about to order another when Will looked at the bar keep who was serving another stetson topped guy down the bar. "Another beer on our tab for the gentleman here, Andy." The bar keep knodded and as soon as he took the money from his current customer he came and handed me another beer as he took the empty. "And Andy, you see us with an empty, you send over another." William smiled at the bar keep who looked about 25 and was wearing loose jeans and a tight plain black T that showed off a well build torso, his almost black hair was kinda long and he had to whipe it out of a pair of hazel eyes. "Sure thing, bro," He smiled at Will and went to handle another patron. Will and I turned toward his table, where Stacy was sitting. "You've met?" Will Preteen Nymphets Galleries said sarcastically as we got to the table and he sat the beers down pushing one over in front of his girl. "By the way my name is William Etgens and this is Stacy Parker," He sat across from Stacy leaving me to sit in the third chair at the round table between them. "Richard Mathews." I introduced and then I felt a hand crawling up each thigh and the one on the left, Stacy's, felt up my crotch. "Um....I'm....glad to meet both of you.....Um.....As I said I don't know to many people around." As I spoke my voice cracked several times and I had to breath heavier trying not to, but the hand in my lap rubbed up and down, putting on subtil, but obvious and very pleasurable pressur. "No we are glad to meet you, lets go dance." Stacy said as the juke started to play "Hot Blooded". I looked at Will with an obvious blush and a smile as Stacy pulled me up from my chair and out to the dance floor. I noticed Will only smiled and his eyes checked up and down both of us. For the Preteen Nymphets Galleries next couple of hours it was a blur. There was a lot of dancing and drinking. At some point we switched from Budweiser to Southern Comfort and Pepsi on the Rocks. I could then remember that I had stood up from the table as the juke was playing "Mo Money Mo Problems" and with the bar almost empty exept for one couple necking in a corner booth and Andy the bar tender whipping his bar. "I really ot to be going. I got to get some sleep, cause I am FUCKED up" I started laughing and fell down into my seat. Will and Stacy both laughed with me, the three of us a treo of loons. "Ohh your not driving anyplace like this. I wouldn't be doing my duty if I let you, though I am off duty." He said and I didn't get that then, but now I do. I tried to stand up again, and again fell back into my chair. "No, I really got to go, Rob and Mel are probably worried about me, I bet they got the cops looking, Its two in the morning." I was stuttering every word. I didn't really think any of that was true, Mel was probably happy I was gone and Well Rob might have been worried, but he was probably sleeping with out a clue. "Come on Stud." Will said as He helped me up. He had been drinking as much as I had, but seemed to still be somewhat sober, or at least he could walk. He grasped me under the arms and pulled me up. "Your coming with us." at that Stacy too stood, if not a little wobbly herself, and the three of us, Will supporting and stearing me, walked out of the bar, into the rustically decorated lobby and then up two flights of stairs to the third floor, where Stacy unlocked a door and Will hauled me into a typical motel like room, and placed me on the bed. I couldn't focus. My vision was blurry, and as I lay there I felt hands pulling off my shoes and then my socks. I must have passed out for a second as the next thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing Stacy and Will standing at the foot of the bed, both in the buff, frenching and necking for all it was worth. Stacy had her hand on Will's massive peice of man meat, and her other rubbing up and down his smooth defined hard chest, by now my vision was clearer and I saw her tweeking his nipple. Will's hands where roaming all over Stacy's creamy smooth body, grasping at her slender tight ass, her 36C perky and hard nippled breasts, her thighs and then roaming to her shaved pussy and stuffing several fingers inside. "Don't you think we should waita sec." Stacy was breathing heavy as she pulled away and spoke. "I really want to do this, and well he's not undressed yet." "Alright." Will said with obvious reluctance and they broke apart. Next they climbed onto the bed. Stacy began to undo my belt, my snap and my fly and pull my pants off. Will lifted me to a sitting possition and removed my shirts. I pretended to still be passed out, and just let them undress me. Then Stacy crawled between my legs, her hands roaming up my inner thighs, andthen one grasped my smooth teen balls as the other grasped my cock head, my very hard and leaking cock head. William began to fondle my pecks, then his hands roamed up to my shoulders, my neck and my cheek, and then he leaned over me. "Lets wake up sleeping beauty for the party to start." With that he leaned in farther his wrough hand still on my cheek and kissed me hard on the lips. At the same moment I felt lips encircle my ridged cock and I gasped, tried to take a deep intake of breath and instead got and intake of Will's tongue as it slipped into my mouth. I returned my own tongue to his mouth as I humped my hips up jamming my cock up into Stacy's mouth. "MMMMMMM" I moaned as I lifted my arms and wrapped them around William's strong body, pulling him down onto my own, and we kissed for several long and passionat moments as Stacy's mouth and tongue licked, slurped, sucked, and bobbed on my cock. I didn't know how much of that I could take and then she pulled off and started on my balls sucking them one at a time into her mouth. One of Stacy's hands went to my ass, and a finger slipped into my crack messaging my pucker as if asking permission to enter. I pulled away from Will's kiss and in a hard breath moaned for him to straddle me which he did. I quickly took his swoolen 8 inches into my mouth to the root. His large dropping balls slapping on my hairless chin as he fucked in and out of my willing, slobbering, cock sucking hole, his hands grasping my hair and forcing hs cock deep, my nose cramming hard against his pubic bone. "Take it! I knew you wanted my fuckin pussy beater the moment i seen you checking out my ass!" He growled and fucked my face harder. At the same time Stacy was still sucking my balls and alternated to my cock for quick licks and sucks of the slimmy oozing head, and then she would slip her tongue down into my ass crack and twirl one of my wirey ass hairs and then back to my balls. I was moaning around Will's cock and squirming. Before I knew it she had stopped sucking and her finger had vanished from my crack, next I felt her warm pink tight cunt slip down over my cock as if sheithing a knife and it began to flex and bounce as she grabbed for William. Will pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned around. Now his ass was square in my face as he began to make out with his girl as she fucked her self on my cock, Me fucking up into her as hard as I could from this possiton, and I licked at his ass as I raised my arms up, my hands parting his cheeks to give me better access. I heard him moan. "Now both." I heard Stacy moan. Will moved of the way as she leaned forward and now kissed me as passionatly as Will had been moments earlier. He now also straddled my legs and as she leaned forward exposing her already cock stuffed pussy he lined his cock up too and I felt it touch mine. He began to slide it roughly in and it rubbed mine. He slipped to the root with some difficulty and I heard Stacy whimper as if in pain, but she took it, and Will too began to fuck her, our cocks rubbing up and down one another creating friction as they pummeled her over stretched cunt. "Does it hurt, You wanted it, now take it!" Will growled as he grasped her hips and fucked her. I was pounding up into her relishing the tightness, the moistness of her pussy and the friction of Will's cock. For several long moments we fucked like this and then I heard Will moaning loud, "OHHHHHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT, IT'S TOO TIGHT." I felt his cock pulsing and he came inside Stacy even as I was still fucking her. She too started to moan and scream and quiver all over as her pussy released a stream of sticky wetness as she too reached climax, her pussy flexing and quivering as she arched her back, her hands grasped my shoulders and her fingers bit into my flesh. I couldn't take it. I fucked up into her one more time and thats when I let loose with my own body quivering and shacking as my cock shot 5 or 6 loads of sticky white cum up into her, and I fell back and panted as we lay there in a heep. It must have been ten minutes before anyone moved and or spoke. Will pulled out,"My cock is still hard." "mine too." I said "Ohhhh I can't take anymore, Ohhh that was good, but it hurts like a mother fucker." Stacy rolled over on her back, my cock now slipping out of her for the first time with a slosh as cum and pussy juice ran down it, pooling on my nuts and lower abs. "Let me kiss it and make it better." Will said and dove between her legs before she could protest. She did start to say something and then moaned instead as his tongue darted in and out, around swirling and lapping at all that was left inside her. "Not bad." He breathed and ate her harder, faster, like a pig at a slop fest. "OHHHHHH WILL!" Stacy moaned. I too was feeling the urge to go on, and so I climbed behind Will and began to eat his ass as I had already been doing. I lapped as much as he lapped at Stacy's pussy. I drove my tongue deep into his ass, and I could tell how tight it would be to fuck it, as tight as that double stuffed pussy and I couldn't help myself. I spit on my hand and slathered my cock. I then pushed my cock head against that tight pucker and pushed. "OHHHHH MOTHER FUCK!!! TAKE IT OUT!!!" Will screamed as my cock started to slip in. "NO FUCK Preteen Nymphets Galleries HIM HARD!" Stacy screamed back. "My will to serve the lady." I panted as I shoved the rest of the way in, my balls swinging and smacking the rear of his nuts. I pushed down on his back and began to pull out. Will was struggling under me, but stacy held his head down between her legs with her hands in his hair and her thighs locked on his ears. I fucked in, and then out, picking up speed. It was tight. Then. "OHHHH YEAH, HARDER!" Will moaned as the pleasures of anal sex hit him. My cock rubbing his prostrate and messaging it like nothing ever had. He now shoved his ass back into me, and Stacy released his head and lay there watching. I fucked him harder, faster, now feeling the urgancy of my own impending orgasam. Harder, deeper, faster. "OHHHH I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" Will screamed as he squirted his jizz on the bed under me without even touching his cock. I think it was a combo of his pleasure filled voice and his ass flexing around my cock as Stacy's pussy had, but I think it was more his voice screaming then his ass flexing, that made me hit my own climax, second for both of us in the last ten minutes. I squirted another 5 loads of teen cream into his ass and then collapsed on top of him, my cock now limp popped out. "OOOH GOD THAT WAS GOOD! I NEVER KNEW! OHHHH I NEVER KNEW!" He screamed and then quieter. "Well have to do it again, soon." "Yeah but next time I want to be the turkey and you be the meat thermometer." I said groggily as I rolled off of him, my head on one of the beds pillows. The last thing I remember was Stacy giggling load as I fell asleep. I remembered being waken up once in the night as Stacy sucked my cock and started another fuck setion. That time Will had fucked me and It had been wonderful, his large cock had filled me so much. He came hard but quick, fucking me rough. Stacy and I in a 69 the whole time, her lips sucking my cock and my tongue lapping at her still slightly cum stained pussy. After we had curled up again together and fallen asleep. That next morning was more of the same and then a sex filled shower. I drove home satisfied and tired. For the first time in months I didn't think of sex with my brother and how much I missed it. I just wanted to go home and go to bed, and I did. *** As I finished my thoughts I was pulling into the Hamilton University parking lot, and I saw one spot open. I swung into it next to a metalic blue convertable Vet. I killed the engine, and grabbed for my back pack that was on the rear seat. I then ran as fast as I could to get to orientation. I hope you enjoyed this. I know it has been awhile since I added any to this story, but I hope Preteen Nymphets Galleries to get more added soon. If there is any comments, good or bad, let me have it, suggestions are always welcom too. Blackheart415yahoo.com, and if your a hot young guy with a pic, I'd love to see that too. more to cum
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